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Family Sessions

Family Portraits are an investment in your memories. Your family is dynamic and ever changing and unlike a high school senior, a new baby, or a wedding, there's no particular compelling point in time in which to schedule your family portraits...that's why it's so easy to put off until later.

But too often later never comes, or it comes too late. I can't tell you how many people have expressed to me the regrets of having just not gotten around to it, only to have something happen that makes it difficult or impossible to ever capture the family as it existed.

No, we cant change the circumstances, but we certainly can freeze for all time the wonderful memories of each of these times in your life. We can provide a constant presence of each of those you love even if you're separated by thousands of miles.

But for us to do this, you have to decide that the time is NOW, not in an "I wish" moment when it's no longer possible. You have to make the call and schedule the consultation. Yes it involves some effort in putting the whole thing together...

But for the rest of your life, you'll be glad you did.



Family Sessions are $125. We'll work together to design a collection of photographs that you will be proud to display.